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Hydrotec NV is a company that is specialized in the maintenance of your machines of civil engineering and landscaping and has been trading since 1997

Our technical department is working as your partner.
Our technical department priorities are: keeping your machine in a perfect condition, to reduce the standing time of your machines and keeps the working costs to a minimum 

Our quick responses are possible thanks to the flexibility and the professionalism of the complete team. We are very flexible and always available, just like our team mechanics who all have a complete equipped workshop truck, so that they can do the repairs in the best conditions. 

We employ the most advanced technologies, as multimedia catalogue of spare parts, technical manuals and diagnostic software from Liebherr to do the adjustments of your machine, as well as Internet connections. 

This manner of work guarantees a quick and effective service, our interventions are done on your site or in our workshop at Gistel Our depot .our team has regular trainings in the factory and we have the VCA certification. 

Our workshop trucks are equipped with a safe mains generator, compressor, welding and burning equipment, and all the special tools to make it more easy to work on the work-site, and almost all the spare parts for your Liebherr. 

We adapt all the brand of tools as hammer, grabs, shear and crushers or others to your machine. We also specialized ourselves in line boring of your hitches, equipment or others attaches with our portable boring- welding machine « bimotor ». 

For our repairs in Belgium and in the north of France, we have two workshop trucks that are very well equipped with work tools that we check periodically for a complete personal safety so that our engineer can work in safe conditions without compromising there own safety as well as for your people who are in the neighbourhood of the intervention

All our welding activity carried out by our professional welder.

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